Chad Chatfield, VP, Software Engineering, Springbok Services

Fast and friendly service. We have used the cards extensively and they are holding up well as you would expect with high quality cards. If they every wear out, we will definitely order from Mountain Goat again.

Tod Golding, President, Blue Puma Software

After years of using make-shift cards, I finally bought a few decks of Mountain Goat Software’s Planning Poker® cards. I was surprised how much I really liked having these cards. They are durable, more readable, and, strangely, more fun to use than all of our improvised solutions. Our team couldn’t imagine being without them.

Michele Sliger, co-author of "The Software Project Manager's Bridge to Agility"

These cards are high quality and inexpensive. I’ve been ordering them by the case for years for my Certified ScrumMaster classes.

Kenny Rubin, CST and Managing Principal, Innolution, LLC

Mike Cohn has done more to promote Planning Poker® than anyone else. His Mountain Goat Software Planning Poker cards® have evolved over several years to become the easiest to use and most durable cards-they are the gold standard. I have distributed thousands of these cards and frequently see them in use with teams a year or more later.